Master the art of winning clients, generating opportunities, and standing out as a professional.

MST®: The real-world, practical business development course designed to help professionals build a strong network, generate income, and cultivate a powerful personal brand.

The Problem.

For Professionals

  • Many professionals are never shown how to do effective business development

  • They struggle to envisage a process that can lead to winning clients

  • Networking efforts are often without aim or results

  • They lack a personal profile in the marketplace

  • Career development is frustrated

For Professional Firms

  • Sometimes fail to create and nurture a business development-friendly culture

  • Team members become institutionalised and lose the bigger picture

  • Business development expectations aren’t set with seniors

  • Communication failures lead to lost opportunities

  • Collaborative work practices suffer

This is why I created MST®

After a decade of running my own businesses in the UK and India, I moved into professional services.Working in corporate finance, I specialised in venture capital fundraising advisory but soon started to hone my networking and business development skills to adapt to this unique and competitive environment.The result - I won significant numbers of clients across multiple service lines, ranging from £bn listed firms, entrepreneurial, mid-tier businesses to high-growth tech startups, delivering £m’s in fee income. And I continue to - I practise what I preach.I continually came across other professionals who wanted to develop networks, become a known entity in the marketplace and deliver fee income but didn’t know where to start.I found that professional services firms can fail to equip their teams with the necessary guidance on business development - only for partners to become frustrated when teams struggle to deliver fee income, work collaboratively across departments and ensure high levels of client service.From this experience, I created MST®. Based upon core fundamentals of being highly interactive, practical and experience-based, with diverse real-life examples, the 3 levels of MST® ensure that professionals layer in their learnings by adopting the right Mindset, creating a Strategy and then deploying it with the correct Tools.

Don't just take my word for it.

About the MST® Course.

  • MST® is broken down into three clear levels: Mindset, Strategy and Tools

  • Each level is delivered as a half-day course at a location of your choice (or remotely)

  • Sessions are highly interactive, discussion-led and utilise real-life examples to illustrate concepts and tactics

  • Workbooks are provided to allow the setting of objectives and initiate action from day one

  • Follow-ups help keep the momentum going

Level One: Mindset

Laying the Foundations

  • Create a compelling vision for your networking journey so that you can achieve more, faster, by developing a laser focus on specific goals

  • Learn the optimal behavioural mindsets and foundation networking skills so that you can develop the confidence and interpersonal skills that are vital to developing a powerful network

  • Discover the factors holding you back and the strengths you need to exploit so that you can supercharge your progress towards eliminating mental barriers and realising your potential

Level Two: Strategy

Developing Focus and Personal Profile

  • Learn how to create a powerful personal market presence so that you can immediately get on the path to being viewed as a trusted advisor, an expert in your respective area and attract others to your network

  • Learn how to identify and develop angles into prospects so that you can create incredible opportunities and engage in meaningful, deeper conversation

  • Develop a focused targeting strategy and discover new ways of finding prospects so that you can spend your time efficiently connecting with the right people

Level Three: Tools

Building and Nurturing a Powerful Network

  • Master a system for nurturing your connections so that you can strategically position yourself for opportunities and introductions whilst continuing to build social capital

  • Learn how to build a powerful referral network so that you can open the door to endless incoming opportunities and boost the scalability and reach of your network

  • Learn how to attract others to your network so that you can confidently reach out to new prospects completely cold and establish connections that others can only hope for

Ways I can help you.

In-person workshops
Each level of MST® delivered as a half-day, highly interactive in-person workshop at your premises or a location of your choice. (Note: can also be delivered remotely).
Advising professional firms on how they can improve and streamline their business development capabilities
Digital courses - Coming soon

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